Regenerative Endodontics

Regenerative endodontics is one of the most exciting developments in dentistry today and endodontists are at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology.

Regeneration is on the leading edge of today’s endodontic technology. It uses the concept of tissue engineering to restore root canals to a healthy state while allowing for the continued development of the root and surrounding tissue.

Regeneration is a conservative approach to root canal therapy because it is about regrowing nerve tissue instead of removing it as in traditional root canal therapy. Instead, only the inflamed tissue is removed, and then materials are placed in the tooth to help stimulate the growth of healthy tissue. This process is designed to not only main the tooth’s vitality, but to leave it stronger than a traditional root canal since the tooth’s root structure isn’t removed.

Dr. Garland and Dr. Lu are excited to be able to offer regenerative endodontics, and is currently refining a protocol.

Below is a case by Dr. Lu showing the amazing regrowth of an infected immature tooth.

Undeveloped tooth with an infection causing bone loss before regeneration treatment. There was a swelling on the gums.

Immediately after regeneration procedure. The patient was comfortable and the swelling disappeared.

3-months after treatment and we can see the tooth develop and the bone is healing.

1-year after treatment and the tooth is stable, the root structure has continued to grow and mature. The infection has completely passed and the patient was happy that the tooth was saved.

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