Our Difference

Seeing is Believing.

Patients love the GentleWave procedure, which they describe as more comfortable than standard root canal treatment. This minimally invasive root canal procedure can usually be completed in just one session and is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system, there’s less chance of failure over time.

Our Approach

At Wave Endodontics, we take pride in offering our patients a new standard in root canal pain relief and tooth preservation. We do this through our high tech with high touch approach – giving our patients the most advanced endodontic technology available, and combining this with a caring and compassionate attitude. Through procedures like GentleWave® and regenerative endodontics, we’re able to preserve more of our patient’s teeth than ever!

The Gentle Difference

In most people’s minds, root canals are harsh and disruptive. But at Wave Endodontics, our approach is different, not only complementing your lifestyle but making your quality of life even better than before. It starts with your pain relief consultation and customized treatment plan then carries through to the root canal procedure. Our goal is to restore your tooth and relieve pain…gently. To our patients, it’s life-changing. To us, it’s just how we roll.

Pain-Free Endodontics

When people are told they need a root canal, one of the very first things they think about is pain. Well, that’s just not true at Wave Endodontics. We practice pain-free endodontics. First, we administer the anesthetic and then using advanced procedures like the GentleWave, we provide unparalleled cleaning and prep without the pain usually associated with standard root canal therapy. Most of our patients report they don’t even feel any discomfort afterward!

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